Childhood Ear Infection and Chiropractic Care

It’s all about the fluid. When fluid builds up in the ear tube due to improper drainage, bacteria develops in the fluid and this causes an infection which then leads to painful, swollen ears.  What research has taught chiropractors over the years is that tight neck muscles can exert pressure on the ear tubes, actually forcing the tubes into a more horizontal position, preventing ear fluid drainage.  

This is the reason why many children have recurrent ear infections after antibiotic treatments seemingly resolve the infection.  The antibiotc kills the bacteria which resolves the painful, swollen ears.  But because the neck muscles are still tight and the tube is still in a horizontal like position the fluid remains in the ear and an infection occurs again.

When chiropractors loosen the child’s neck muscles with very gentle soft tissue work and extremely light spinal adjustments, the tube slants slightly downward in the position nature intended and the fluid drains out of the tube.  This prevents the reoccurring ear infections and the merry-go-round of antibiotic treatments.

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