A concussion isn’t something to shake off — it’s a minor traumatic brain injury. Chiropractic care may be called for following such an injury. It can help adjust any cervical, spinal, and skull misalignments that occurred as a result of the trauma. Dr. J. Zimmerman of Dr. J. Zimmerman, Health First Chiropractic Clinic in Galloway, Northfield, and Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, has experience with cranial adjustments and correcting cervical problems resulting from concussions.

Concussion Q&A

Concussions, even seemingly minor ones, can have a long-term impact on your health and well-being. You may be aware of therapeutic ways to address concussion recovery, such as physical rest and limits on electronics. Chiropractic care can also play a role in recovery.
A chiropractor can check to see if the incident that caused the concussion resulted in any misalignments in the vertebrae of the neck, known as cervical subluxations. These subluxations can cause issues with blood flow and muscle tension that often result in chronic headaches and memory difficulties.
The bones of the skull can also be bounced out of alignment during a concussion. This too can cause nerve problems, lingering pain, and even negative immune responses. Dr. Zimmerman can perform cranial adjustments that help realign the bones and alleviate post-concussive symptoms.
Dr. Zimmerman can also help guide you in decision-making about when you’ve recovered enough from your concussion to return your normal activities and sports, if that’s relevant to your situation. You may think you’ve recovered, but lingering symptoms and spinal misalignments may indicate otherwise.

Realigning the vertebrae and skull bones with low force adjustments can help resolve dizziness and vertigo experienced after a concussion. Discuss your symptoms with Dr. Zimmerman so he can apply the correct therapy.

In addition to pain, headaches, and vertigo, research shows that chiropractic care sought after a concussion helped resolve issues including short-term memory challenges, vision changes, slowed reaction time, sleep disorders, and depression.

Consult Dr. Zimmerman as soon as possible after your concussion. However, even if your concussion occurred a while ago, you may still be experiencing symptoms related to the trauma. Dr. Zimmerman can help resolve chronic headaches or neck pain months, or even years, after a head injury.
Don’t underestimate the severity of the possible aftermath of your concussion either. Even if the concussion was considered “mild,” if your vertebrae and skull bones were knocked out of alignment, you could have lingering effects that lead to a cascade of symptoms.

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