Sports Injuries

Athletes ask a lot of their bodies. Running, throwing, tackling, being tackled, jumping, and swinging are stressful events that can lead to overuse or acute injuries. Dr. J. Zimmerman of Dr. J. Zimmerman, Health First Chiropractic Clinic in Galloway, Northfield, and Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, is active himself and knows what it takes to stay that way. If you live in southern New Jersey, consult him if you’ve experienced an injury or want to take steps to prevent one.

Sports Injuries Q&A

What sports injuries can Dr. Zimmerman help with?
Chiropractors are trained to manually adjust the spine to improve function. Dr. Zimmerman helps align these bones and creates balance. Injuries of the neck, back, knees, ankles, or shoulders can all be addressed with chiropractic care. Sprains, falls, strains, tendinitis, or chronic pain are all within the scope of practice.
Athletes in every kind of sport can experience aches and pains. Cyclists can suffer from back injuries from crashes or simply from riding sitting in a hunched position. Golfers often experience low back pain from swinging their clubs. Runners experience hip, knee, and back issues from pounding the pavement step after step. Swimmers may experience low back or shoulder injuries due to the crawl or breastroke. The constant turning and twisting of the body during tennis aggravates the back, elbows, and shoulders. And, during strength training, you might experience strains or throw your back out from improper technique or lifting weights that are too heavy.
You don’t have to be an elite athlete to suffer a sports injury though. Avid gym goers, club team players, and weekend warriors benefit from chiropractic care, too.
Chiropractic care can treat acute injuries, such as neck or back pain, by helping to realign your spine. Adjustments of the spine help alleviate tension in the body, and when you’re a more relaxed athlete, you’re less susceptible to injury. Treatment also helps reduce inflammation and pain in the joints. Joint mobilization techniques make sure your body is operating in efficient and correct ways that don’t invite injury.
Regular checkups can also ward off overtraining or repetitive stress injuries. You’ll also experience quicker recovery, so you can back to practice or games sooner.
Treatment depends on your specific injury. Dr. Zimmerman will perform an evaluation of your spine and address any acute injury you’re having. If you have a general complaint such as hip or knee pain, he may test the strength of specific muscles, especially if there’s not an obvious cause for your pain.
In addition to spinal manipulation and stretches, Dr. Zimmerman may use ice, electrical stimulation, or heat to treat your injury. If you’re coming in for a chronic injury, he’ll examine how you stand and move, and how your knees and hips are aligned, using the overall assessment to determine the best course of treatment for your situation.

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