Pregnancy and chiropractic care…the benefits

The field of chiropractic, like the field of medicine contains many sub-specialties. One of the most popular and beneficial sub-specialties is obstetrical care. No, not chiropractors delivering babies, but the care of pregnant women and pregnancy related issues. Chiropractic care is drug free, so spinal adjusting is a natural fit for the aches and discomforts that come along with pregnancy. Chiropractic’s biggest claim to fame in obstetrics is that regular adjustments through out the 9 month pregnancy, keeps the pelvis in proper alignment. As pregnancy progresses, the pelvis begins to alter it’s position to ready itself for the birth process. The chiropractor is able to keep the pelvis centered and aligned. This helps make the childbirth process easier. In addition, spinal adjustments improve the neural flow to the reproductive organs and thus the baby. This helps ensure that the proper flow of the nervous system is maintaining function of the reproductive organs. In addition, chiropractic care has been shown to reduce symptoms of morning sickness, decrease labor time and decrease the need for medications during the birth process. Lastly, chiropractors trained in the Webster Uterine Constraint technique have been statistically successful in changing the position of breech babies to the normal head down position, preventing c-sections.

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