Childhood ear infections. How to stop the Antibiotic Merry-Go-Round

Chiropractic care and childhood ear infections

In small children, the middle ear passage way is more horizontal than slanted. As the child grows older, the middle ear tube begins to slant downward allowing fluid to flow more easily. The middle ear passage way is effected by neck muscle tension. The more tense the neck muscles, the greater chance that the middle ear passage way becomes strictly horizontal. This horizontal position of the passage way keeps fluid and bacteria in the middle ear, resulting in an ear infection and more than likely, antibiotic treatment. With gentle chiropractic adjustments to the Atlas and Axis vertebrae, the neck muscles relax and the fluid in the middle ear drains naturally, removing the bacterial build-up and enhancing the body’s immune response. An improved immune system increases the body’s defense mechanisms, and thus promotes faster recovery and helps fight off any recurring ear infections.

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