Chiropractic for neck and back pain

In the chiropractic profession, chiropractors spend a lot of time extolling the health benefits of regular chiropractic care. Benefits such as optimal immune system function and increased bodily performance. While it is extremely important for chiropractors to promote the positive and lesser known effects on health and wellness, it is also important to promote the obvious facts. Facts like back pain and neck pain. If spinal bones are not in the proper joint alignment, muscles can become stretched and imbalanced, nerves can be irritated and then symptoms appear. Symptoms such as neck pain or back pain. The symptoms can be immediate (as in after a trauma, strain or accident) or the symptoms may appear gradually due to accumulation of lifestyle stresses. The bottom line is that the chiropractor should be your first choice for neck or back pain related conditions. Chiropractic care is extremely conservative (no drugs) and has a very high patient satisfaction rate. In addition, chiropractic adjustments, performed by chiropractors is very safe. It is the best thing to do.

If you are pregnant (at any stage in your pregnancy), chiropractic care is the #1 choice for obstetrical related back, pelvis and sciatic nerve pain. 100% natural, drug-free care to ensure your pregnancy is as comfortable as possible.

Lastly, concussions due to head injuries (impact) have a major effect on the cervical spine alignment. Neck pain could be the result of a concussion. That being said, not all concussions cause neck pain, but cervical misalignment can delay the recovery from a concussion. It is vitally important to have the neck checked for alignment after head impact injuires that cause concussion.

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